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17 Times Email Marketers Should Break the Rules

Source : Target Marketing

There are times email marketers should break the rules, says Marketo.While they should never break the law, email marketers should break the rules at least 17 times, reads the research.

Much the same way antiquated SEO hasn’t evolved to the natural language of voice search that Google is increasingly favoring, laggard email marketing follows antiquated rules, Marketo says in a cheat sheet the company announced on June 21.

In “17 Email Rules You Absolutely Have to Break,” Marketo says the email marketing purists who say marketers should “always” or “never” do such-and-such need to evolve.

Here are the “never” email marketing rules Marketo says brands need to break:

  • NEVER use words like “free” or “deal” or “discount” in an email subject line.
  • ALWAYS keep your email subject lines between 30 and 50 characters.
  • ALWAYS use double opt-in when growing your list.
  • NEVER use a pop-up (or pop-over) to collect email addresses.
  • NEVER send a mostly text email.
  • NEVER send a mostly image email.
  • NEVER send an email with one big image.
  • ALWAYS have a good balance of images to text.
  • NEVER send “ugly” emails.
  • NEVER have fun.
  • NEVER use ALL CAPS in an email subject line.
  • NEVER use animated gifs in the body of an email.
  • NEVER put the unsubscribe button or link at the top of an email (or make it obvious).
  • ALWAYS send an email during the middle of the week.
  • NEVER send an email at the end of the day.
  • NEVER send more than one email per day.

There is no 17. Get it? Marketo broke the rules.

But the cheat sheet did provide the bonus of advice to test and ensure the changes work for marketers’ audiences.