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Why Analytics is a Leadership Problem with Academic Director Florian Z

Leading with Big Data and Analytics: From Insight to Action

Gain the working knowledge needed to maximize your big data investment

Big data and business analytics are more than technology and data science problems to be relegated to the specialists. They’re leadership issues that executives must address and challenges they can solve if properly grounded in practical knowledge and equipped with leadership-focused insight. This cutting-edge program delivers just that: sophisticated material in an accessible, easy-to-understand format immediately applicable in real-world practice.

You’ll gain a working knowledge of data science that can massively improve marketing, create operational efficiencies, build new business models, disrupt the competitive status quo of industry and spark innovation. You’ll leave this program equipped with the tools required to put big data to practical use, the skills essential to hire and manage data scientists effectively, and the necessary insights for leveraging analytics to increase efficiency and productivity and seize new business opportunities.

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