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Why you should develop custom website instead of using Site Builder ?

Even if your business is small, medium or big. Website is always the best option to expand your business by Digital Transformation, Sales Automation, Brand Awareness, etc. while planning to develop your website it is always better to put vision first and build it from scratch by custom coding, even if your website is not likely to change much (require daily/weekly/monthly updating), then also I recommend custom coding site. Please a have look at the following benefits of the custom developed website.

1)  The core advantage of coding from scratch is freedom of choice and website uniqueness. In CMS one templates are used by millions of people. Create your own unique design and stand out from the crowd.

2)  Better customization, Easy to expand structure and add digital products.

3)  Fast Loading

4)  Easy Backup and Restore.

5)  Undependable on the third party. If you use a website builder or content management system (CMS), you’ll be restricted by their functionality.

6)  Easy to integrate with other ERP, Cloud Services & Social Network.

7)  Best to update SEO rules and new techniques (This required continuously updates on regular basis) there are billions of website available to beat the competition you need to update SEO rules on regular basis.

8)  Flexibility and ease of maintenance. 

9)  Get rid of Monthly Cost

If you are really serious about business than please think twice about your website and put the maximum effort by keeping a Great Vision.

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