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Basic updated rules you should not avoid during web development

“According to the report, there was 339.8 million domain name registered in 2018”

At present the most crowded and competitive sector is the Internet. It is getting very challenging for Search Engine Firms to rectify the correct links and display a better result. To get better ranking on search engine your website needs professional engineering I had point 16 essential steps to keep in mind when developing a website in 2019.

1)    Your website should be clean of code avoid extra code on your website

2)    Website content should be pirated, copying content of another website will reduce your site ranking

3)    There should not be a single spelling mistakes

4)    Meta Tags, Keywords, Page description should be relevant to business content

5)    Each image should have Alt and Title of it, relatively

6)    A website must be mobile friendly

7)    Your website must have robot.txt & sitemap.xml files in the root folder with the basics requirements

8)    Headings on your site should start with sequence from <h1>

9)    If your business is country specific then it should host on the local server

10)  It should be clean of broken links

11)  Flash animation and plugins must avoid completely in your site

12)  It should have Valid SSL configured

13)  A website must have a specific title on the page

14)  A website should load in less than 15 seconds

15)  Avoid underscore in domain names, no issue even you use three words in domain name (253 characters is the maximum length of full domain)

16)  The website should updated to the latest trends, laws and rules


Basics of Website Branding in 2019

1)  A website must have Icon

2)  Using Hyphens and Underscore in domain looks ugly and unprofessional

3)  Background video adds a firsthand impression on landing page

4)  Short content with punch lines create a better customer perspective

5)  Avoid pop-up, don’t jump to collect customer personal data

6)  Minimize the visibility of navigation, display it full only when visitor need it

7)  Customer needs First, the greatness of the company Later.



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