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Seru the most creative Manufacturing Systems

"SERU" Manufacturing System One Such innovation is Seru. Seru has acquired a reputation as the next generation of lean in Japan for several years, but it is still largely unknown outside Japan (Shinobu, 2003). With combine strengths from Toyota's lean philosophy and Sony's one-person production organization, Seru is more production, efficient, and flexible system than TPS (Toyota Production System). It has successfully been applied to the electronics and auto components industries.

In 1992, several short lines were created in one of Sony's video-camera, after dismantling a long assembly conveyor line. As did they original conveyor line, each short line produced the entire product. Since then, these lines became shorter and shorter and eventually evolved into a one-worker organization This mini-assembly organization brought huge benefits to Sony. They could be constructed, modified, dismantled, and reconstructed rapidly and frequently. In 1994, Tatsuyoshi Kon, a former staff in Sony's industrial engineering division, called this mini-assembly organization "SERU" a Japanese word for the cellular organism. Since then, hundreds of Japanese companies adopted "SERU" (Economic-Research-Institute, 1997).

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