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Candidates won't ignore bad branding

Source: HR DRIVE

Dive Brief:

  • Of 400 candidates polled, 69% said an employer's brand strength is important or very important when deciding to accept or reject a job offer, according to the 2018 MRINetwork Reputation Management Study. MRINetwork, an executive search and recruitment firm, says employers should use the interview process to demonstrate a positive, employee-focused culture that often defines a strong employer brand. 
  • A similar amount of candidates (64%) said the interview process conveys very much or a lot about the culture. An interview that's easily scheduled and has well-prepared, knowledgeable interviewers who ask relevant questions can help an employer edge out the competition in recruiting talent, MRINetwork said.
  • A few elements tip off candidates to the employer's branding, according to the survey. Candidates named competitive compensation packages and an emphasis on work-life balance as the most important factors in a workplace with positive branding. Evidence of poor work-life balance and massive company-wide turnover greatly discourage candidates from joining.

Dive Insight:

Candidates will not hesitate to act on their instincts as they sniff out an employer's brand, and the decision process starts long before they reach the interview stage. They pay attention to what current employees say about their boss, how the company website portrays office life and the insights they can glean from third-party sites like Glassdoor. In fact, more than 90% of candidates will conduct a cursory online search before they apply for a job, and if they find one- or two-start ratings, only 34% say they will submit an application

Employers that recognize the importance of their real-world reputation and online presence have upped the budget for branding. HR leaders who prioritize recruitment marketing have seen a 45% increase in talent acquisition budgets, according to Beamery's State of Recruitment Marketing 2018 survey. Employers that have some spare change might consider putting it toward brand development; in this tight talent market, a little could go a long way.

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