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Business Investment Opportunity in Turkey.

We will take a look at the business opportunity in Turkey. Before getting started let me tell you what business means to us business means to us is busyness.

There are millions of videos on the internet about how to get rich faster, how to become a millionaire, 5 habits that make you millionaire, how millionaires think and so on.

We don't have any content like that, the session purely practical. And there is also a misconception going on nowadays in social media that do not invest in anything these years. This is the worst time to invest because we are in a recession or inflation.

This is completely wrong if you invest in the right place then your investment will increase instead of keeping it as cash. Studies and research shows that the best time for investment is during a recession. A lot of successful startups are founded in recessions like Uber, Airbnb, and others that came out of 2008 during the financial crisis and we had also seen Netflix, Online Classes and Amazon have made good success during covid crisis.

Have a look at the details Video Presentation