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B2B Sales Management System

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B2B Sales Management System< you can easily handle complex business models, using its highly scalable, modern cloud infrastructure.

Completely custom built applications from scratch based on latest trends on consumer buyer behavior, new and most convenient way of managing your business's operation. It has been developed on real-time sales operation testing the stability and performance of the application.

The System keeps tracking of all purchases as well as organizing your customers and sellers and the range of workflows that you deal daily in your business operation, so you can go from working extra hard to complete a smaller amount of tasks to automating functions and conducting more business than before. It is. However, we had created the right solution and the functionality that you need out of your software program is key in order to actually reap the benefits associated with our systems.

Trading Sales management
Suppliers management g2edge


> Maintain Vendors Data
> Create Sales order with credit limit
> Maintain Payment Statuses if it is purchased on credit or cash

System keep managing Trade Purchases & Credit Cycle

Customer Management


> Manage your customer data, categorize them into priorities and keep engagement with your customers
> Create Invoices with Credit Limit
> Maintain Payment Statuses if it is sale on credit basis
> Buy leads according to your business sector

System keep managing Sales Revenue & Credit Cycle

Office Administration


> Daybook Accounting (Expenses & Cash Flow)
> Team Task Management
> Documents Management
> Create and Send Newsletter to the list of your customers
> Create PDF documents

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