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Introducing the IT Industry

The IT Department stands on four pillars that are Infrastructure, Development, Security, and Data. My speciality is Development on a cloud based platform.
I had written my first code in the year 1996 on Foxpro and VB. In that era programming was very tough as well as it was badly limited. Due to limitations I was less interested in programming and more in graphic designing and because of my good sense of design I got an offer in the food industry to work with a marketing manager than again in the year 2003 because of the need of the company i had to start web development and i was started developing a web based software development using Microsoft Technology ASP.NET

Now In the present year 2022 computer programming has become widely advanced and Computer Programming is the Back-bone of IT. Some people use programming just for Fun and Brain Exercise.

On the other hand The IT Industry is the most disruptive industry that we have ever seen in history. From the 90s to 2010 we had seen not only Tech companies but also many other programming languages fail to survive for a long time and were discontinued and the main reason for this was not enough resources and no upgrades.

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