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MS SharePoint

Implementation & Development in ISPC

• Configuration & Implemention
• Structure Team Collaboration
• Central Employee Portal access by 900+ Users
• Working with SAP ABAP Development Team to integrated SAP HR module with SharePoint.
• We had also used K2 for a short time to integrate SAP with SharePoint.
• It is only accessible by ISPC employees
• From Version 2010 to 2016, It did not upgrade further due to an approval from management.

As working in the IT Department of ISPC in the position of Sr. Business Analyst IT Development i was responsible for the Employee Portal to automate the paperwork.

Before implementing MS SharePoint Server in ISPC we were using custom build ASP.NET Applications and by Instruction of IT Management i have to Learn and Implement SharePoint Server On-premises in 2010.

SharePoint version 2010 was the first SP version that we had started using in ISPC with the help of one more team member of the IT Department for the implementation. Later I was the only one responsible for Managing, Development and Upgrades of ISPC SharePoint Portal.

SharePoint technologies offer a flexible and efficient way for users to create their own workspace solutions for collaborative projects and groups. However, as with other collaboration environments without proper governance, a SharePoint deployment can become unmanageable, a disorganized collection of sites, users and links, through the same pathways that provide such flexibility and power when properly deployed with more than 12 years’ experience of MS SharePoint I am qualified to provide MS SharePoint configuration and development services in your existing or new SharePoint platform.

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