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What is Digital G2edge?

G2edge Digital software is developed to reduce the cost and to manage your business operation or implementation smoothly. It is flexible to move on your own private web platform or physical computer server with source code so it can personalize and privatize your data completely on-premises.

Digital G2edge covers all the basic needs of your business operation like, Product Management, Services Management, eInvoices, Sales order, CRM, Vendor Management, Accounting, Daybook your daily expenses and company assets, Alerts for Pending Payments, Net Profit Statement, Tax/Vat Calculation.

Overview Information Technology (IT) Industry & Development

The IT Department stands on four pillars that are Infrastructure, Development, Security, and Data.
My specialty is Development on a cloud-based platform.
I had written my first code in the year 1996 on Foxpro and VB. In that era, programming was very tough as well as it was badly limited. Due to limitations I was less interested in programming and more in graphic designing and because of my good sense of design I got an offer in the food industry to work with a marketing manager then again in the year 2003 because of the need of the company I had to start web development and I was started developing a web-based software development using Microsoft Technology ASP.NET

The role of Marketing - warm up

In every successful organization. The marketing comes first. The marketing department sees the world like the Chairman of your Company. Marketing Integrates all the functions of your business and speaks directly to the customer through advertising, salespeople, and other marketing activities. It needs to be involved in each department to create the news and grab the best idea for the ad campaign and provide the best customer service.

Marketing is a special blend of art and science. There is a great deal to be learned in marketing classes. But no amount of schooling can teach you the experience, the sixth sense and the creativity which is gifted to the marketer. That’s why those with the gift are supposed to be highly paid. Formal education can only provide MBAs with a framework and a vocabulary to tackle marketing challenges but from experience we learn what will work and what does not work.

What is Branding, Do you need branding?

There are several businesses that really do not require branding but if there is competition in your Business and if your business is struggling then you need Branding. Businesses that understand branding better have gained success & growth in the long term.

Startups Challenges. How to get started building an organization and a company.

In this session, we will discuss all startups, and how to get started building an organization and a company.
Sometimes the old business also needs to restart, if your business is not updated then it will not be interesting atoll for your audiences.

Research also shows that there is a change in every industry after every two decades.

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I was born in Mumbai City of India in the year 1979 and in 2001 I moved to Saudi Arabia on a permanent job. At present, I am living in Istanbul, Turkey. If it’s required to work on-site, I can travel to all regions across Turkey, the United State of America, Saudi Arabia, UAE & India. At present I am living in Istanbul, Turkey.

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