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Digital Marketing Assessment

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Q. 1 Type of Business *  
Select the appropriate business type, whether B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer), hinges on your target customer base and the nature of your products or services.

Q. 2 Type of Industries ? *  
Industries encompass a wide array of sectors, from manufacturing and healthcare to technology and entertainment, each contributing uniquely to the global economy.

Q. 3 Which Country & City you want to target ?
Select where you want to gain more audiences. If your target is international than please international

Q. 4 Who buys your product or service right now ?
Example: Minimum net worth 55000 USD / or / Contruction Company / or / Home maker
Apply the 80/20 rule. Who are the 20 percent of your customers who represent 80 percent of your business? What do they have in common ?

Q. 5 Who will be your future customers ?
Markets are continually changing, and you must change as well. Project ahead five years. Based on current trends, who are likely to be your best customers at the time?

Q. 6 What are the trends in your business and in your market ?
What changes are taking place that may force you to change the very you sell or the people to whom you sell? In what direction is your market moving? How are your customers changing?

Q. 7 Why does your customer buy ?
What advantages or benefits does he perceive in purchasing your product or service? Of everything that you offer to a customer, what parts of your product or service does your customer most appreciate and compliment? What are the “Hot buttons” that cause your customers to buy?