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MERTDOKUMWeb Engineering

CMS, CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation


Istanbul - Turkiye

MERT DOKUM company in Istanbul Turkiye, found itself in urgent need of digitalization. It examines the company's journey towards embracing digital technologies and the strategies implemented to overcome obstacles and achieve successful digital strategy.

Through an internal assessment, we identified key areas in need of digitalization, with a specific focus on automating sales and marketing management, improving customer relationship management, and enhancing data analysis.

By identifying digitalization needs, formulating a clear strategy, upgrading infrastructure, adopting digital tools, training employees, and leveraging data, the company successfully transformed its operations, paving the way for sustained growth and competitiveness.

• Analysis Data and Business
• Collaborates with the IT team to improve a cloud-based infrastructure
• Working with Sales & Marketing Team to enchance business and product presentations
• Creating digital marketing strategy
• Improving business process automation
• Web Engineering & SEO
• Motion Graphics

Mert dokum sajid rashid @visitsajid web project

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